Thursday, July 31, 2008

My Profile Pics

I have tried and tried to get one of these images posted as my Profile Picture with no success. If anyone has some suggestions for me, please share them.

The children each drew a portrait of me. The Monkey drew the top picture and The Duckling drew the bottom. For those that know me, you can see the striking resemblance in both pictures, both showing a different, but equally significant, side of me.

On a positive note, this was the first time I've attempted to use the scanner on our printer and, as you can see, it worked, with surprising ease. Up until now, this printer has never done anything with ease. This is the printer that pulls 5 pieces of paper every time it prints, it jams, it tears the paper, it blinks at me for no reason, it leaves strange blank strips across the page, and it sometimes prints things when no one has asked it to. Perhaps the scans are a peace offering, a gesture of good will, the first step toward healing our battered relationship. I will accept it with caution.

ETA: Yes, I noticed that the Duck's drawing of me looks a lot like George W. Bush.

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