Monday, August 25, 2008

So, how's homeschooling going?

Although I haven't had time to do much blog posting, thanks to the contract work I have stacked up, we have had some fun and interesting times. Here's a photo essay to serve as a guide.

Here's the Lego that was stuck in the Ducklings nose for 5 days. Here's the short story. Yes, she told me there was a sparkly green Lego in her nose; yes, I looked, kind of, but didn't see anything, asked her to blow her nose a few times, and then decided she was a crazy story-teller; yes, she complained for a few days about the Lego in her nose but I thought it was sinus problems. You can see how this ends, right? Five days later, maybe four (I really wasn't paying much attention), she said the Lego was starting to come out. I took another look, this time with a flashlight, and, sure enough, a sparkly green Lego was in her nose. I tried tweezers, hoping for the best, hoping I wouldn't have to bring her to the doctor and have to say that it's been in there for four, maybe five days. No luck with the tweezers. She blew her nose a few times and out it came. I hugged her, cried, an apologized profusely for not believing her. I am officially a bad mother.

Or am I? Here's the way I'm seeing it now. Yes, there was a sparkly green Lego in her nose for five days and I didn't believe her, despite her telling me repeatedly. Let's look past that part. If I had believed her, this would have gone down a lot differently. Remember, I didn't see the Lego up there on first inspection. I don't think a light would have helped because it was up very, very high. When she said it was starting to come down, it was still up high, visible this time, but beyond the reach of my tweezers. This is an important point to note. If I had been a responsible mother and brought her to the doctor when she first told me, they would have had to perform a very invasive, uncomfortable at best, procedure to dig that Lego out from the highest peaks of her nasal chamber. That would have been extremely traumatic for her, don't you think? She might never trust me again after that!

So, you see, I spared her immense pain and trauma. I patiently waited for nature to take it's course, for her body to gently release the foreign intruder. And that's exactly what happened. I'm not a bad mother. I'm a mother with insight, patience, and a deep trust in my children and their natural abilities. See?

Here's how you'll find the Monkey these days.

Some beautiful whole wheat french rolls I made from scratch, while I patiently waited for my daughter to expel the Lego.

A caterpillar we caught in our backyard. It died, of course.

The Monkey's Lego creation that he wants me to submit to the Lego magazine. It's a bad guy command center.

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hipumpkins said...

That lego command center is so cool!!
Also, when I was around 12 or 13 I fell off a small exercise trampoline.
I kept complaining to my mother that my ankle hurt.
She kept telling me to walk it off.
Finally she took me to the doctor and ta da one broken growth plate.

As you can see we were not doctor people so I'm sure my own mother would have left the lego in there as well...and we would never dream of calling her a bad mother. :)
Happy homeschooling