Monday, August 25, 2008

Some more pics of our week...

The Duckling observing the caterpillar. This was, of course, before it died. I don't traumatize her regularly!
The Monkey and I were working on ordinal numbers, but I had to add some trickiness for him. Here are some examples. Can you follow along?

Q: If the red toad is the 1st toad and the purple toad is the last amphibian, what is in 5th place?
A: A red frog.

Q:What's first?
A: A purple frog.

Q: What position is the blue frog in?
A: 7th

This was while the Lego was in her nose. See, she's fine.

We made our family tree. The kids lost interest once it was colored and their names were put on it. The Monkey appeased me by staying but I could hear his fingers tapping.

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